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~ Sunday, March 23 ~

Anonymous said: What do you think of a Marvelstuck/SuperStuck/Humanstuck AU where Jade built her own ironman armor. Her dog Bec has teleporting powers he got from gamma radiation like the Hulk. John once wielded Mjolnir, and like BetaRay Bill or Eric Masterson was latter given his own hammer of power(Zillyhoo). Rose and Dave are albino twins, Rose can predict the future and use magic and Dave can travel time and has half of Excalibur. The Trolls are a criminal organization called Zodiac, but aren't really evil.

I think that sounds super rad!  You should write it!  Or draw it, whichever you like doing

I’d love to see something like that.  I’m sorry I don’t have much to add in the way of ideas, I’m really tired.  But if you end up following this idea, drop us a line or a link and I would love to have a look at it.  I’m sure Human would, too =D

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~ Saturday, January 18 ~

Aradia Megido, queen of Muertierra

Drawn for 12Kingdomstuck

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Jade Harley, personal servant and friend to the king of Folari

Drawn for 12KingdomStuck

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Karkat Vantas, King of Folari

Drawn for 12Kingdomstuck

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~ Monday, October 28 ~

12 Kingdomstuck

An Alternate Universe in which the trolls and humans share a (fictional) planet.  The humans have been enslaved by the trolls for as long as anyone can remember.  There is still a hemospectrum, but there is less emphasis placed on blood color; all trolls are considered to be above the humans

Karkat, Aradia, Tavros, Sollux, Nepeta, Kanaya, Terezi, Vriska, Equius, Gamzee, Eridan, and Feferi are the rulers of the 12 known kingdoms in their world.  They live on and rule over a Pangea-like continent, with only Kanaya’s kingdom (an island) and Feferi’s kingdom (underwater) being off the mainland

John, Rose, Dave, Jade, Jane, Jake, Roxy, and Dirk are all humans living in the various countries of the land, some enslaved, some free, along with John, Rose, and Dave’s guardians.  Some time ago, some humans tried to start a revolution in an attempt to free all humans, but the rebellion was crushed in its beginnings

Folari - Karkat and Jade
Muertierra - Aradia
Shenapis - Tavros
Doppelsinn - Sollux and Roxy
Ferosrio - Nepeta and Jake
Marisla - Kanaya and Rose
Sarkanton - Terezi and Dave
Aranha - Vriska, John, and Jane
Forteval - Equius and Dirk
Fericirc - Gamzee
Thanata - Eridan
Olalo - Feferi

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~ Friday, October 18 ~

Kingdom: Olalo, citizens referred to as Olalans

Ruler: Empress Feferi Peixes

Previous Ruler: Defeated by her successor

Land: Underwater.  The domain of the sea-dwelling trolls only.  Beautiful, with a great palace of glass

Conditions: The citizens are happy, the kingdom is not only wealthy, but powerful and influential.  Little crime.  Slaves are not permitted.  Some freed slaves have been able to make a home there

Key Slaves: None

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Kingdom: Thanata, citizens referred to Thanatians

Ruler: Emperor Eridan Ampora

Previous Ruler: Assassinated, possibly by Ampora

Land: Takes up a large portion of coast.  Mainly cliffside and undersea dwellings

Conditions: Harsh, but the kingdom is very wealthy.  Slaves are treated the worst here

Key Slaves: None

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Kingdom: Fericirc (fair-ih-serk) citizens referred to as Fericircians

Ruler: King Gamzee Makara

Previous Ruler: Deceased

Land: A small country.  Swampy marshland, small amount of shore.  Relies on fishing, slightly on farming and livestock

Conditions: Poor.  Ruler is unconcerned with plights of the people.  Magic is a heavy and oppressive presence in the kingdom.  There are few slaves; those there work for the crown and are treated very poorly

Key Slaves: None

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Kingdom: Forteval, citizens referred to Fortevalian

Ruler: King Equius Zahhak

Previous Ruler: Exiled by The High Order

Land: Vast and spacious.  Rolling hills, fields, some forestation.  Good farmland

Conditions: The kingdom is wealthy and considered generally safe.  The royalty is removed from the people.  Slaves receive harsh treatment

Key Slaves: Dirk Strider, a stable boy
Dirk’s Bro, murdered, started a revolt

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Kingdom: Aranha, citizens referred to as Aranhan

Ruler: Queen Vriska Serket

Previous Ruler: Murdered.  Queen Serket is suspected but nothing can be proven

Land: Seaside.  Warm climate, full of trading ports, thrives on fishing, somewhat on farming.  Rich resources

Conditions: Not under the strictest regime.  Crime is a problem, but the kingdom is rich.  Slaves are treated harshly

Key Slaves: John Egbert, a sort of pet to the queen
Jane Crocker, a kitchen maid
Dad Egbert, a palace cook

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